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A 60 year old man complains of progressive shortness of breath when he walks up the slope or when he walks to the nearby market. He also complains of breathlessness when he lies flat on the bed at night and has to sleep on two pillows to feel better. Occassionally, when he is sleeping, the breathlessness gets quite bad and he needs to sit up to catch his breath. He also complains that his feet are more swollen and his shoes do not fit very well anymore. On physical examination, there is a raised jugular venous pulse wave and pitting pedal edema up to the mid shin. On auscultation, there is a fourth heart sound and fine crepitations in [...]


We all know that wine has been shown in multiple studies to be beneficial in protecting against heart disease which is also known as the French Paradox. This has spurred investigations into other common beverages like coffee and tea which are consumed by more people and in larger quantities than wine. How do they fare in this respect? Tea has been drunk for the last 4000 years and has its origins in China. In the early years, it was regarded as a medicinal plant with therapeutic qualities. Tea has been found to contain catechins, caffeine, theanine, saponins, vitamins and many other minor components. The main therapeutic effects must come from the catechins which are polyphenols and have [...]

Cholesterol and Supplements

I would recommend that low risk individuals who have high cholesterol levels try taking cholesterol – lowering supplements to lower their bad cholesterol levels. Actually dietary therapy such as vegetables, oats and tofu can lower bad cholesterol levels by at least 10%. By taking supplements, the bad cholesterol level can be lowered by another 10-20%. The rationale for taking cholesterol lowering instead of medications in low risk individuals is that they are not at high risk cardiac events or strokes and can afford to have a less aggressive and slower way of reducing their cholesterol levels. Supplements have a very low toxicity level and are unlikely to cause harm even if taken at high doses. If the individual [...]

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